Texture Tuesday


I found these dotty straws at Michaels–love the pastels and the polka dots. They seem so cheerful, which is just what is needed on these dreary late autumn dy.

Kim Klassen dot com
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13 Responses to Texture Tuesday

  1. they are cheery.. I love to photograph them but none of my family members like to drink out of them

  2. I just picked up some straws also at Michaels, so hard to chose which ones I wanted to buy, must go back one day and pick up some more in a different color. I got the Christmas ones as I thought might use them this month. Love yours also and the image.

  3. Beverly says:

    Oh these just pop with “fun” Roxanne! I adore the colorful background for a vintage mood. And the wooden spool wound with twine!! Love it all!!

  4. Carol Hart says:

    Those straws are so much fun! I expect I’ll see them in more of your future work. happy holidays!

  5. Susan W says:

    Love the straws and the photo. We just received some in a goodie bag from my grandson’s birthday party and I can hardly wait to photograph them.

  6. Sheila says:

    So cute! They are cheery! Love that blue and white string too!

  7. Earl says:

    Great. Makes me happy just seeing them. Thank you.

  8. Donna says:

    Roxanne, That subtle teal colored background is a gorgeous color and texture – this would be used for ALL of my pictures – love it! And those sweet straws and twine . . . Michael’s is like a toy store for grown ups (it’s where I bought the little turkey and squirrel that I used with my vintage camera images last week). Polka dots are a favorite, too! What a fun and playful picture that lifted my spirits on a cold and rainy day here in Virginia. Thank you!

  9. Oh my, how I love these straws! I love the whole image.

  10. Caz says:

    I love your dotty straws and your photo with that gorgeous background is beautiful !

  11. Roxi says:

    These straw are fabulous. I must go get some for my granddaughter. She will love them!

  12. odile says:

    as said above, your picture is completely cheerful and festive Roxanne! I love it and particularly this soft tone of grey-blue, so smart, so unusual, and those straws are so cute, love them too!

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