Texture Tuesday

It’s very cold here and keeping warm is a real effort…
_DSC3901-Edit copy

Found all of these vintage delights in various antique shops. The scissors are so rusty that they aren’t good for much except props, but I like them anyway.

This photo was processed with one of Kim Klassen’s magic textures and her grey mist LR preset (my current fave).

Kim Klassen dot com
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1 Response to Texture Tuesday

  1. Beverly says:

    Lovely, lovely! The composition is just wonderful Roxanne! Old spools of thread and scissors are always an attraction to me…just wish I could find some in the antique store. I love the lovely glazed jar all filled with more scissors! I have a drawer full of scissors – but they aren’t old and rusty. Maybe after all the dust settles I’ll make a day of hunting sewing supplies in the antique shops. Thank you for your inspiration. Have a great week, and I hope it warms up. It’s 7 degrees here this morning.

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