BeStill 52– Week 33 Citrus

This week’s prompt was to use citrus and to tell a bit of a story.
I’ve been trying to eat more fruit (and I really don’t much like fruit) so bought some grapefruit and had some beautifully scented Meyer lemons in the fridge (well–I had one left so had to include some plain, old lemons) and some limes for more color. I have no intention of juicing these fruits for a drink, but the pitcher and reamer worked better as props than anything else I had. By the time I got done arranging, re-arranging, looking at my photos, trying again and again…and again, my cut lime was dried out. However, my hands smelled great!
I used Kim’s Prairie preset and Culligan texture (multiply 53% and again at 36%).


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8 Responses to BeStill 52– Week 33 Citrus

  1. Beverly says:

    Oh these look really good, even if you aren’t going to juice them. I love the wooden reamer and the blue linen for a nice accent color! What I enjoyed most was the part about the lime, and time. It’s a beautiful still in a nice moody tone.

  2. Margie O'Hara says:

    Nice composition and details. This was a fun assignment – just looked around and found everything in the house. Refreshing for January.

  3. So glad your hands smelled good. LOL I had a similarly tough time with my own shoot but I think you did a wonderful job. LOVE that pitcher! One is on my wish list!
    visiting from Be Still 52 –

  4. Beautifully done… I love the tones, composition and your lovely glass jug.

  5. Carol says:

    I love the colors too – sort of reminds me of Tuscany (not that I’ve ever been there).

  6. odile says:

    Beautiful and well-balanced composition Roxanne! Love the different citrus tightly gathered within the frame with the glass and pitcher… love the muted tones too which give your picture a painting-like look.

  7. Sheila says:

    Beautiful image! Lovely tones, colors, and composition.

  8. oliag0 says:

    Lovely! Love the processing!

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