BeStill 52–Breakfast

_DSC4425-Edit copy
This week’s challenge was to photograph breakfast. To be honest, my typical breakfast is an EggBeaters omelet–not very photogenic, and especially the way I make them. I’ve never quite gotten the knack of flipping an omelet correctly so mine always end up looking a bit ragged.
I do like to snack on berries–especially blackberries and blueberries– and had some of those in the house, so they became the subject rather than the EggBeaters carton.
I used Kim’s mood swing preset and added two textures (Avery, multiply 49% and Luminous, multiply 27%).

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8 Responses to BeStill 52–Breakfast

  1. Barbara Carroll says:

    So pretty! Love your dishes!

  2. Beverly says:

    The mood of the light makes me feel like it is very, very early morning…before crack of dawn. Just need a scone to go with the fruit, and what a nice breakfast! Beautiful…love your dishes!

  3. ainasaele says:

    looks like a delicious breakfast

  4. Carol says:

    Beautiful, love the moodiness of this image.

  5. Gorgeous, lighting. I am such a sucker for a dark and moody background.

  6. oliag0 says:

    Beautiful! Love that blue and white china with the blueberries:)

  7. Sheila says:

    I love the dark and moody look of your image, and that sweet blue and white bowl!

  8. odile says:

    I like your composition Roxanne and its moody tones… it looks like an old dutch painting..

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