Be Still 52–Organic

I put rosehips in a little metal bucket I got in an antique store. It has some letters stenciled on the side, but I have never been able to read what they spell. I knocked the rose hips over, scattering little berries everywhere so they stayed as part of the composition. The black vase is one of my very favorites from Roycroft pottery. Added some rusty old scissors, a linen towel and a spool of linen thread.
Sidelight with black foamcore bouncing some light back (it’s a grey day anyway so there isn’t bright light to start with).
Kim’s harvest preset used to add a little moodiness.

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8 Responses to Be Still 52–Organic

  1. dutchbarb56 says:

    Perfect excercise, could’nt love this more!

  2. Such tiny rosehips, so sweet and looks wonderful with all the grey tones in your image.

  3. Caz says:

    Love the tones and the rosehips are so sweet !

  4. Beverly says:

    A stunning composition, Love the tiny rosehips, especially those that fell. Like DutchBarb, I couldn’t love this more!!

  5. dianafoster926 says:

    Stunning composition for our organic theme.

  6. odile lm says:

    Roxanne, your composition could not be more perfect! It’s such a feast for the eyes! I love all the props you’ve chosen with great care, love the harmonious and soft gradation of colors from the white of the thread to the almost-black of the pottery via grays and beiges, love the delicacy and lightness of the rosehips and the profusion of tiny red berries where my eyes like to linger…

  7. ainasaele says:

    a beautiful composition , love the dark tones

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