Texture Tuesday


One of my favorite old spoons with some tiny starfish.

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Be Still 52–Open to Interpretation

This week’s challenge was the type that sends my Type A-ness spiraling out of control. Viewing the pages of the Anthropologie catalog that were supposed to provide me with a spark of inspiration, nothing happened…not a glimmer of an inspiration. Nothing. I came back another day. Still nothing and then I started to notice the colors, the subtle tones, the bits of green and the background. So–garlic stands in for the white dress, the background is a piece of tile from Lowe’s and the somewhat untamed bit of green is some very leggy oregano that is growing in the gloom indoors. I used Kim’s hazydazy preset just to lighten up the image a bit.


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BeStill 52–Breakfast

_DSC4425-Edit copy
This week’s challenge was to photograph breakfast. To be honest, my typical breakfast is an EggBeaters omelet–not very photogenic, and especially the way I make them. I’ve never quite gotten the knack of flipping an omelet correctly so mine always end up looking a bit ragged.
I do like to snack on berries–especially blackberries and blueberries– and had some of those in the house, so they became the subject rather than the EggBeaters carton.
I used Kim’s mood swing preset and added two textures (Avery, multiply 49% and Luminous, multiply 27%).

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Texture Tuesday

I was told I should eat more apples–I really don’t like apples but they do make a lovely subject to photograph.

_DSC4220-Edit copy

Enhanced with one of Kim’s wonderful textures and LR presets.

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Texture Tuesday

_DSC4092-Edit copy

I’ve had this old chair forever, but just gave it a new coat of cream colored paint and sanded a bit of the paint off to make it look weathered.

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BeStill 52– Week 33 Citrus

This week’s prompt was to use citrus and to tell a bit of a story.
I’ve been trying to eat more fruit (and I really don’t much like fruit) so bought some grapefruit and had some beautifully scented Meyer lemons in the fridge (well–I had one left so had to include some plain, old lemons) and some limes for more color. I have no intention of juicing these fruits for a drink, but the pitcher and reamer worked better as props than anything else I had. By the time I got done arranging, re-arranging, looking at my photos, trying again and again…and again, my cut lime was dried out. However, my hands smelled great!
I used Kim’s Prairie preset and Culligan texture (multiply 53% and again at 36%).


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Lightroom Presets

I found this great list of free LR presets that’s too good not to share:

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